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If you are on a tight budget and you are wanting to buy some jewellery for a special event or occassion, looking for a brand new item may not be your best option. This is where second hand jewellery comes in. If you are in doubt about purchasing second hand items, don't be, as there are reliable second hand stores online that you can trust, such as Cash Wizard.

This is in fact your go to place if you need cheap yet high quality second hand items in good condition. Cash Wizard stocks all types of items including beauty, mobiles, home, jewellery and more. What's even better is the number of items they offer at huge discount prices, and believe it or not, dozens of second hand jewellery items are currently offered with 50% off the valuation price!

Cash Wizard's Range of Second Hand Jewellery Great Prices

Hunting for the best deals online is made easy especially at Cash Wizard. Here we offer a range of discounted second hand jewellery items that look as if they are brand new. Be one of the first customers to log on to Cash Wizards and receive the great discounts. Make sure you see our range of jewellery at affordable and tempting prices. Some of the products available on the website are as follows:

  1. 18ct Solitaire Diamond Ring 6.00g – A simple second hand ring with an exquisite stone setting on a 18ct gold band ring. Simplicity at its finest, only at Cash Wizard.
  2. 18ct Diamond Cluster Ring 12.30g - Our attention grabbing diamond clustered ring will certainly complete your look. Wearing this or giving it to someone special as a present will leave them in awe. This ring is 18ct and sparkles and glitters in its own stunning way.
  3. 18ct Ruby And Diamond Cluster Ring 7.62g – This ring is both fashionable and stylish. At Cash Wizard, we provide sizing information to ensure you get the right fit. Mix your Diamond addiction with Ruby and be the center of attention.
  4. 18ct Diamond Cluster Ring 11.35g - Turn heads and grab attention! With our sleek designed diamond cluster gold ring no one will noticed what you are wearing is a second hand jewellery.
  5. 18ct Diamond Ring 4.14g - You will never go wrong with our simple yet elegant Diamond Ring! Featuring a multi-stone gold band, what else can you ask for? Show how much you love her with our super affordable Diamond Ring.
  6. 18ct White Gold Solitaire Diamond Ring 2.98g - Our White Gold Solitaire ring comes with an attractive design that is adorned by a round diamond cut stone only at $3.499.50.
  7. 18ct Diamond Ring 4.60g - Another type of Diamond Ring in our collection priced at $4,500, this one is filled with round cut diamonds in different sizes forming an elegant diamond pattern on a gold ring band.
  8. 18ct Diamond Wide Band Ring 9.60g - Shop with style and check out our Diamond Wide Band Ring, embellished with small princess cut diamonds on its gold band. Though our second hand jewellery items are offered cheap and at affordable prices, at Cash Wizard we still provide warranty to all our items.
  9. Platinum Diamond Ring 7.32g - Show your ultimate gesture of love with our Platinum Diamond Ring. Our Platinum Diamond Ring never fails to impress. If it won't fit you, fret not for Cash Wizard offers a re-sizing service.
  10. 14ct Baguette Diamond Cluster Ring 6.50g - At Cash Wizard, our second hand jewellery Baguette Diamond Cluster Ring has a beautiful cluster diamonds surrounded and intricately arranged emerald cut diamonds.
  11. 18ct Emerald And Diamond Ring 3.50g - We certainly wouldn't want to miss offering you with an emerald stone ring mixed with diamond stones. If color is what you want, purchase our Emerald and Diamond Ring while our discount offers are still on.
  12. 18ct White Gold Diamond Ring 6.05g - White Gold is one of the most popular types of engagement rings out there. So if you plan to make your proposal perfect and like a dream come true, why not purchase our featured second hand jewellery White Gold Diamond Ring? It looks precious and valuable, thanks to its diamond stones.
  13. 14ct w/g Dia Sapphire Stone Ring 6.36g - Is your birth month September? Feel free to check our Dia Sapphire Stone Ring as it represents your birth month. With this durable stone, you will never regret buying this for such an affordable price, only at Cash Wizard.
  14. 14ct Sapphire And Diamond Ring 5.30g - Combining Sapphire and Diamond showcases utmost elegance. This is what our Sapphire and Diamond Ring brings to you. At Cash Wizard, there's more offered than what meets the eye. Competitively priced at such an affordable range, this ring is a best buy!
  15. 18ct Diamond Cluster Ring 17.25g - Beautifully crafted and clustered into a masterpiece. Cash Wizard presents you with this Diamond Cluster Ring filled with multi-stone diamonds at only $12,500. This is a worthy price for an 18ct gold band ring filled with precious diamonds.

Why Choose Cash Wizard For Your Second Hand Jewellery Ring Needs?

When it comes to design, style and cut of diamonds, prices and selections offered and other precious stones, there's no other online jewellery store you can depend on other than Cash Wizard. Aside from its well crafted selections, the site offers prices that are economical with a full warranty and above all, money back guarantee. Therefore, choosing Cash Wizard as your trusted partner for special events and occasions, when you need to find that perfect piece is the correct choice. So what are you waiting for? Look online and browse our featured second hand jewellery range and take advantage of our discount prices that will surely fit your budget. At Cash Wizard, your satisfaction is always guaranteed through our genuine and classy items online. What’s even better is the fact that we provide other great benefits like a 50% discount on some items, promotions and even special competitions to cater the demands of our loyal customers.