There is a big fashion change in the pipeline. Retro style has gained ground recently, a short walk in Adelaide will prove our words. Until now, most people believe that brooches were designed for one and only reason- they had to decorate old ladies' lapels. Not anymore! Brooches have become the trademark of classy and elegant women! Brooches are still fashionable and popular because classic never goes out of style. It seems that the notion has once and for all dispelled and brooches are ready for a big comeback. Trust the style advisors of Adelaide and become the lady you have always dreamed of.

Before mentioning the advantages of wearing a brooch, artistic minds have used brooches in a whimsical way. Younger brides decorate their wedding bouquet by topping it with a bow and a vintage brooch! On the other hand, some artists have attached brooches on canvases or frames, creating a piece of art. Housekeepers, who want to spoil their guests, decorate each place setting with stylish brooches. Finally, brooches are used for the decoration of wrapped gift packages. There are endless options for people with imagination!

Brooches tend to be more popular in fall and winter. The reason is obvious. Generally speaking, summer clothing is lighter, more patterned and it comes in bright colours. The addition of brooches overloads the casual summer look which is meant to be lighter during the hottest months of the year. However, some ladies seem to make the most out of this winter-friendly accessory, by using it in an alternative way. The small, yet elegant masterpieces are pinned on hats, hair accessories and purses. More eccentric women add an artistic touch on their summer straw, by simply adding a small brooch on top.

The first equinox rains is a warning that summer is about to end. Lighter clothes will soon be substituted by heavy clothes. Brooches are the perfect accessory for both formal and informal outings during winter. They can be attached on jacket and coat lapels, showcasing your personal taste. In addition, accessories can be decorated with a brooch. Plain accessories such as scarves and handbags gain a sense of individuality, simply by pinning a brooch! And the best is that brooches are versatile, as none of these style ideas are permanent!

It is said that brooches are not fashionable enough, creating an old fashioned, outdated appearance. However, these claims are at least inaccurate. Style-savvy women have their own personal style, straying out of the ordinary. They don't keep up with the latest trends, these women create new trends! Stylish women seem to choose the addition of a brooch, as minor details make the difference!

Wearing a brooch is a statement of finesse, status, elegance and style. Some decades ago, brooches were an essential asset in each and every jewel case. Our grandmas showed the fashionable path and we follow their lead. The vicious cycle of fashion is coming back around! It is obvious that brooches are not only worn by middle aged women in our days.

Nowadays, the retailers prefer to sell fancy necklaces and rings. It is really difficult to spot and buy a brooch. For this reason, we have collected the finest brooches from the broader area of Adelaide. After several impairment and defacement inspections, we are ready to share them with you. The estimation of jewellery is a pretty demanding task. However, there is no reason to worry about the price tag, exclusive discount prices is our expertise! Don't forget, Cash Wizard in Adelaide is a corporation you can trust! Cash Wizard is the crossroad where low prices and high quality are met!