Ladies Rings

Valuation: $2,000
RRP: $725
Valuation: $1,450
RRP: $765
Valuation: $1,530
RRP: $962.50
Valuation: $1,925
RRP: $1,400
Valuation: $2,800
RRP: $1,150
Valuation: $2,300


The process of choosing a ring is really tough because there are really few people who have the appropriate knowledge about precious metals and gemstones. There are complicated terms that seem a bit foreign for consumers who buy a ring once or twice in their life. The usual jewellery store scene consists of an employee who shows an endless range of rings to a client and as mentioned before, a client who is not sure what to buy. The repetitive patterns of gold and silver will blur a client's vision and after a while you will be unsure on what to buy and why you should buy it.

However, choosing a ring for the leading lady of your heart is a very important process. Ladies are very demanding and fussy with the jewellery you pick for them. The ring you chose for her will accompany her for years, staring at it when she misses you. The ring shouldn't only be stylish, but also comfortable enough to wear during the day. Additionally, you have to choose a ring that isn't by far beyond your means. Perfection is a goal you have to reach in order to make her happy. Before making a daunting decision, trust the Adelaide's ring professionals of Cash Wizard.

Initially, let's clarify a few things. Cash Wizard has been a reputable ladies' ring seller in Adelaide for 20 years. In truth, we haven't still found a way or a formula to predict accurately what suits perfectly to your lady, as perfection relies on the personal taste of the recipient. However, the essence of our knowledge is limited in seven considerations that make your choice by far easier. A lady's lifestyle should be the first and most important consideration. In other words, the ring should be comfortable enough in any of her daily activities, such as when she is at work or at the gym.

It is very important to consider buying a ring that reflects her personality. We strongly believe that you should stick to classy ring designs because rings are meant to accompany a lady for the long-term. Obviously, you have to consider the quality of the materials used. Characteristics such as carats should play an important role in your final decision. What if you are looking for a matching wedding ring? Matching rings limits your available options, as you have to find a “unisex” ring option for both of you. Finally, the addition of gemstones add colour, finesse and style in a ring. There is a wide range of gemstones which are combined perfectly with any precious metal choice.

Logically speaking, extra features cost more money. For example, the addition of a gemstone raises further the cost. From personal observation, some customers from Adelaide used to leave disappointed after listening the cost of a new ring. Cash Wizard is not accustomed to disappoint its trusted and faithful clients that accompany us all these years. We couldn't also compromise on quality. For this reason, we now sell second hand rings in perfect condition.

The advantages of second hand jewellery is endless. Precious metals and gemstones are not oxidized by the passing of the time. This is why your expensive grandma's ring remains new till nowadays. Additionally, the cost of second hand items is by far lower in comparison with the new ones. Diamonds are forever and they are now also available for less money in Adelaide! Finally, second hand rings are in most cases old rings. However, the lack of oxidation turns these old rings to classic, retro options or to be more precise a fantastic investment for the future!

Our experienced goldsmiths are pretty skilled. We ensure that our second hand jewellery is in perfect condition, without impairment or defacement. The limitation of cost is priority for us, our customers in Adelaide guarantee on our behalf! Cash Wizard is the crossroad where low prices and high quality are met!