Mens Rings


Jewellery is a proof of social value and wealth. In ancient Egypt, a male ring accompanied with a necklace was a clear sign of power and it was used as a sign of credibility. On the bloom of Roman civilisation, signet rings were used to stamp on official documents. During the Middle Ages, rings' reputation enjoyed its greatest rise. Actually, it was forbidden by law to wear a ring without either being famous or wealthy. The art of heraldry has born many signet rings with a heraldry on them. After Victorian years, rings lost their afterglow, as men began to avoid wearing them. For an unknown reason, men's rings were completely marginalized by the end of World War II. During 60's, men's rings have returned, becoming part of the wedding ceremony. They slowly seem to gain ground over the decades. For stylish men who are not afraid to dare, Adelaide is ready to start a rings' revelation!

Rings were first designed as unisex options. In the course of the centuries, social influences have labelled some pieces of jewellery as "women-friendly". A good example is rings. Nowadays, men's rings are the most misconceived jewellery. Accusers claim that rings are too feminine and flashy, undervaluing the nature of manliness. On the other hand, style professionals from Adelaide believe that is nothing inherently wrong with the type of jewel itself, but it has mainly to do with the design. The verdict is that men can wear rings if they are really keen to do so.

Men's rings are sanctioned pieces of art that show embellishment. Some options are more symbolic than others. Generally speaking, they can categorized in two big families- men's rings which serve the purpose of decoration and rings which pass on an underlying meaning or message.

Cultural and religious rings act like a sign of faith. Wearing these rings is not obligatory, but it is highly encouraged by the local societies or religion. Wedding rings are a perfect example. They are worn to show the eternal bond between a man and a woman, symbolizing the start of a faithful relationship. The existence of rings is pretty important for Christian tradition, but there isn't any law that penalizes the lack of a wedding ring.

The tradition of signet rings with heraldry seems to be reborn again by affiliation rings.

Affiliation rings signify membership in a certain group or family. Who is able to forget the rings worn by the Corleone family? Except family affiliation rings, some veterans are proudly showcasing their men's rings after years in the military. Whatever the group you take part or belong, you can present your heritage or your origin with a ring.

Art and Design Rings are the most rare ring option for men. The reason is obvious, they have been designed mainly for women. It may take some time to find a suitable art ring, but it is worth any second of your time. However, this is the perfect chance to unleash your inner creativity and your personal style.

Rings come in any size or pattern you like. You can choose from a vast variety or materials. Expensive men's rings are launched in gold, silver and platinum. For people who are not willing to spend money like it's going out of style, there are more economic options. You can choose a ring made of tungsten carbide, cobalt chrome and palladium. The addition of gemstones elevate further the cost. It's a bit tricky to combine these rings, but they surely add an eccentric character in your appearance. You have to know that the cost of a fashionable, new ring varies between AU $200 and AU $1000. Your loyal retailer in Adelaide can now limit the cost, without sacrificing the quality.

We know that choosing men's rings is awkward and intimidating, especially in case you haven't done it before. Rest assured, we have collected the finest second hand jewellery in Adelaide. Our crew ensures that our jewellery is in perfect condition, without impairment or defacement. Our customer service is ready to answer in any query you may have. All you have to do is to ask for their help in regard to the style, the size and the materials you prefer. Cash Wizard in Adelaide is a corporation you can trust! Cash Wizard is the crossroad where low prices and high quality are met!