Sterling Silver


Men are in doubt about their gift choices. However, what makes a good gift? Generally speaking, a good gift is a gift that can be worn daily, without losing the passion and the affection recipient had during the first days after receiving it. If you want to imply that your woman is chic, you cannot overlook sterling silver gifts. People seem to embrace sterling silver. Purchasing silver is still cost-effective, but its price has risen in comparison with the prices found in the recent past. Sterling silver is the perfect solution for women who literally and figurative want to shine. In reality, there isn't a brighter precious metal than sterling silver. Sterling silver's superiority is summarized in 5 key elements that make it stand out of competition:

Value for money

Despite the fact that sterling silver is one of the whitest, brightest, purest metals found in nature, sterling silver costs almost 30% less than gold. Silver is mined more often, so it can be found easier than gold. It's always fine to know that you bought a pretty jewel at a very reasonable price. For this reason, consumers seem to prefer a metal with similar gold properties, accompanied with a better price at the check-out!


Silver, without additional mixtures, is a pretty soft metal. Sterling silver is an alloy of silver and copper. This mixture creates a shiny, yet robust metal. In case of impairment, sterling silver is preferred because of the low cost and the high quality it offers. Finally, it is the right metal to fill a golden jewellery or any golden surface in general.

Ideal for Jellewery

Sterling silver is a cost-effective substitute of gold. However, there are additional reasons that silver jewellery is jeweller's most loyal ally. The special features of sterling silver allow the artists to create more silver designs comparing with the designs they are able to create with gold or platinum. The raising number of silver jewellery lover lowers the cost, giving consumers the chance to buy second hand jewellery at reasonable prices. If you live in Adelaide, the best second hand jewellery retailer is Cash Wizard.


Gold is the most expensive metal. Silver is pretty expensive, but not as expensive as gold. The quality of sterling silver is subordinate comparing with gold, but the price-quality ratio proves the supremacy of silver. Taking as granted that silver costs less than gold, you are able to possess more sterling silver jewellery than gold ones. The different patterns and designs, give you the chance to combine a proper jewel with any article of clothing.

Sterling silver resembles perfectly white gold

White gold is an exquisite raw material which is ideal for jewellery. Because of its clearness, sterling silver is a perfect substitute of white gold. People, who haven't special knowledge on jewellery making, are unable to tell the difference between sterling silver and white gold. A vast majority will praise your fine taste in golden jewellery! It's impossible not to attract all glances on you! In case you intend to look classy and elegant, there is no need to spend a fortune. Trust Adelaide and dress to the nines without spending an arm and a leg!

From the benefits listed above, the choice is pretty easy. Sterling silver can be used in endless applications because of its durability. The shiny lustre and the special glow evokes the sheeny surface of the moon! A fantastic addition to any woman's jewellery box cannot be ignored. You can make one piece of art yours, if you choose the second hand jewellery Adelaide has to offer.

When sterling silver is the question, Adelaide and Cash Reward is the answer. Our experienced team of technicians inspect the sterling silver items, ensuring that our second hand items look like new ones. Cash Wizard in Adelaide is a corporation you can trust! Cash Wizard is the crossroad where low prices and high quality are met!