ID Requirements


The government or a statutory authority or the state or commonwealth or another state or territory must issue at least one form of identification and together the identification bears the name, residential address and signature of the customer.

The following table shows the value of individual documents you can use to reach 100 points.

If you have any questions regarding ID requirements, please contact us prior to coming in with your goods.

Document Type Points
Photo Driver's License 100
Passport 80
Birth Certificate 80
Citizenship Certificate 80
Armed Services Card 75
Photo Proof of Age Card 50
Armed Services Card 75
Social Security / Pension Cards 50
Firearms License 40
Mortgage Document / Certificate of Title 40
Rental Agreement 40
Current Bill (Gas / Electricity / Phone) 40
ATM Card / Bank Statement / Bank Book 40
Credit Card / Bankcard 40
Electoral Roll Form 40
Medicare Card 40
Union / Trade Association Card 40
Rates Notice (eg. Council / Water) 40
Student Photo Card 40